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Changing Mindsets to change the World

Our initiative will assist farmers and landowners to get the maximum output & efficiency from each acre they farm for their livelihood.


We partner with well-wishers and donors who help us raise the necessary funds to bring each of our sites up to Golden Acre status, which is to say it has access to fresh potable water, it’s steadfastly practicing soil enrichment and rehabilitation, environmental conservation and reforestation via identified means, whilst reducing carbon emissions and producing carbon friendly energy from waste materials. Our Initiative addresses no fewer than thirteen of the seventeen strategic goals identified by the United Nations. 

We work with individual farmers and their wider communities to help them identify and eradicate unproductive farming practices and introduce sustainable ecosystems to reduce post-harvest losses, increase harvests (income) and thereby reduce poverty.



Africa despite having the vast wealth of arable, pasture land and water sources still remains the poorest continent with almost a third of its population living in malnutrition and abject poverty. 


Despite agriculture accounting for 70% of Africa’s income and livelihood, farmers are only attaining a fraction of the possible maximum potential in earnings and harvest. The world population is expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050 and if something radical doesn’t change there will be a deficit of about 65% of the current global food requirements.


The key to addressing the world’s pending food security challenge is to deliberately shift focus to Africa’s small scale farmers and rural communities to maximise food production, maximise efficiency and build a resilience to unforeseen disasters such as droughts and floods. We utilise a combination of innovative technologies with time-tested traditional practices and teach GAPs (Good Agricultural Practices) while protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions.



To enable Africa to reach self-sustainability, climate resilience and zero poverty.

By changing mindsets we will change the world.


What we do

At golden acre we unlock the full potential of each acre of land in rural communities by providing access for the small scale farmers to global experts and entrepreneurs to bring about the following interventions in line with the SDGs

• Water source availability and sanitation

• Alternative protein (black soldier flies and fish)

• Solar and methane production (alternative energy sources)

• Growing , planting  & distributing vetiver grass (soil rehabilitation)

• Collecting & using human , animal & vegetable waste for vermiculture

• Apiculture (Forestry pollination)

Keep reading to follow the progress of each project....


Gokwe, Zimbabwe

Golden Acre:
Gokwe Zimbabwe
Status: Entry level

This site has a well that dries up for three months every year, which forces the family to walk two hundred yards to a dried river and dig in the sand till they find water, which they scoop into a bucket and carry back home.


They do this up to ten times a day! 

Because of generous donations we have been able to pay for their well to be dug fifteen metres deeper, which will give them access to fresh water all year round. 

We are now seeking donations for our project to move into its next phase: reticulation. We would like to install a solar-powered submersible pump, and a tower-mounted water storage tank.

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